Toby and Tabitha by Alexander Bar
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Toby and Tabitha by Alexander Bar

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With a tappity tap and a rat a tat tat ... bet you've never seen tortoises move quite like that!From the creator of Mike the Knight, comes a warm-hearted picture book full of dancing animals, newfound friendship and a generous sprinkling of moonlight magic. To shy little Lucy, the very best thing about her grandpa's pet shop is the two teeny-tiny tortoises - Toby and Tabitha.

And Lucy knows something about Toby and Tabitha that no one else knows... When the sun goes down, the tortoises open their sleepy-snoozy eyes, wriggle their little legs ... and dance! But, one Saturday, Lucy realizes that Tabitha is missing ...

she's been sold! Did Lucy leave it too late to share her magical secret?