My Dad, My Hero by Stella Gurney
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My Dad, My Hero by Stella Gurney

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A touching yet amusing story about a boy's admiration for his dad - and his acceptance of his limitations. T is part of a happy family, and he loves everything about them - especially his clever dad, who drives a taxi and can make anything you like out of wood. When T's teacher arranges for his dad to come into school to talk about what he does for a job, T should be as proud as proud.

But there's one problem: his dad doesn't speak English. T worries and worries about what to do - does his teacher realize? Will everyone laugh at him because his dad can only speak Bengali? But T's dad is cleverer than T thinks. When he comes in to school anyway and does an amazing puppet show, T realizes that being the same as other people is not everything.

His dad really is a hero!